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Most people are not happy with their authorities, and it is the same in Thailand. If you have to deal with authorities as a tourist, you have to attend to the following:

    * Bring along a lot of time and patience
    * Never lose your nerve, a smile and a polite query for help are all you need to be successful
    * Please wear good clothing!


There are four beaches in Pattaya: the Pattaya Beach (at the Beach Road, not far away of our guest house), the Wongamat Beach (in the North), the Dongtang Beach (in the South) and the Jomtien Beach (also in the South).


The climate is tropical. The coldest temperatures are measured between November and February, between 20 and 30 degrees, along with a humidity of 50 percent. The hot season starts in February and lasts until May. In June, the rain season starts. In the beginning it is raining only at night and later on there is rain falling also during the day. Usually, there are heavy showers, but they do not last longer than a few hours.


Please be advised that Buddha statues cannot be taken out of the country. It is also important to know that copies and fakes of well known brands (sunglasses, bags, watches, fashion etc.) are subject to the worldwide copyright protection and may be confiscated by the customs authorities when entering Europe.


The unit of currency is the Baht. The international credit cards are also accepted as  means of payment.<ahref="http: ahref=""http:" department="" span="" style="font-size: 14px; " title="Wechselkurs""">

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Department stores:

In Pattaya there are a lot of department stores, all summed up in the topics „Department Stores“ or „Plazza“. An advantage is their air conditioning and huge space.  

Best Supermarket: The Best Supermarket is located on Pattaya North Road Corner Naklua Road, directly at the Dolphin circle traffic. There is a big selection, especially for bread, sausages, vine and beverages.  

Big C and Big C extra (ex Carrefour): Big C and Big C extra (ex Carrefour) is similar to Tesco/Lotus. All things you can think of are put together under one roof. You will find Big C on South Pattaya Road, nearly on Sukhumvit Road as ewll as on Central Road.

Central Festival: A very beautiful, amazing shopping paradise on Beach Road, meanwhile number 1 in Pattaya.
Carrefour: Carrefour is similar to Lotus and Big C, here also, you can find everything under one roof. It is located close to our guest house Pattaya City (Pattaya Central Road Corner Third Road).

Foodland: Here you will also find a lot of European food on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (Central Road, Corner Soi 4).

Friendship: Friendship on South Pattaya Road is one of the most popular shopping malls among immigrants and carries a large imported food range.

Mike Shopping Mall: Mike Shopping Mall is located between Beach Road and Second Road directly next to the Royal Garden Plaza. A lot of fake brands are being offered here, a little bit risky...

Royal Garden Plaza: The Royal Garden Plaza is the best known department store in Pattaya and is located between Beach Road and Second Road (next to the Soi Post Office and Soi Pattaya Land, respectively) and has a large selection of brand stores (no fakes).

Tesco/Lotus: This department store is located on North Pattaya Road, on the left side when coming out of town. Here you can also find everything, from food to flat-screen.  

Tuk Com (Com City): A large store specialised on electronics, IT and software on South Pattaya Road (across Soi Buakhao).

Duration of stay

For a stay up to 30 days the citizens of the European Union and Switzerland only need their passport valid for at least six months. A requirement usually is the presentation of a confirmed return flight ticket. The residence authorisation may be extended for another eight days at the immigration office. For a stay longer than 30 to 60 days a tourist visa and for a stay longer than 60 to 90 days a non-immigrant-visa is required, which has to be applied for at a Thai consulate or a Thai embassy abroad.


In 1943 a law was passed that each child has to go to elementary school, it has been extended to six years later on. The illiteracy rate could be decreased to 10 percent.


Nearly like home: 220 Volt at 50 Hz. Fluctuations of current and breakdowns are normal and fixed within a few hours.


The Thai food figures among the top performances of Thailand. The Thai cuisine is known in the entire world and is worth its good name. There is no other holiday destination in the world where the food is so good and so cheap as in Thailand. The success of the Thai restaurants in Europe is speaking for itself. In Pattaya you will get both Thai and European specialities in a lot of restaurants.


For a Thai, the wrapping is everything, and even more important than the content. A real art of wrapping has evolved.


Gambling is forbidden in Thailand. But it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for Thais to let themselves forbid the gambling. With eating and drinking, it is a main passion. Only the national lottery is permitted.


The traditional greeting in Thailand is the Wai. Depending on the social status of the counterpart, hands put together with the palms are being held higher or lower and  a higher or a lower bow is taken at the same time . If you are looking at a Thai and he is not smiling, then you can be sure that he doesn't like you. Think about it: Smiling is free and creates a good climate!

Passport missing

In case you do not have your passport any more, you have to set up a loss record at the police. You can apply at the tourist police and then report to your embassy (see directory).


Area code from Thailand to

*  England: 00144
*  Australia: 00161
*  USA: 001

If you want to make phone calls in an independent way or if you want to be reached, it is best to buy a prepaid card that you will get in every phone shop for 200 Baht.


It is best if you have nothing to do with this institution. If it cannot be avoided (following an accident, for example) then ask to deal with the Tourist Police which at least has got English speaking officers and is reliant on the very important setting up of the report. In Thailand the principle of law prevails, that the defendant has to prove his innocence.
When the reputation of the tourism and the security of the tourists are at stake, the police are extremely efficient. Two police stations with more than 200 policemen in uniform and also in civil are caring for the safety in Pattaya


The kingdom of Thailand is 9'000 km away from Europe and has an area of approx. 514'000 km2. The North-South extension amounts to 2'000 km. In 1990, Thailand had about 55 million residents, actually there are 65 million. About 80 percent of them are officially registered in rural areas. On the other hand, it is estimated that about 10 million people are living and working in the greater Bangkok area.

The name Thailand (Prathet Thai) means „country of the free“ and it is true: this country has never been colonized, unlike, for example, the neighbouring countries. All over the country you will find patriotism and national pride, magnificent constructions, beautiful exotic landscapes and smiling people.


Pattaya is known as shopping paradise and the overload of offered goods leads to low prices (see street markets and department stores).

Sport and Fitness

If you do not only want to go to the beach, see points of interest and eat Thai cuisine, but want to do something for your fitness, you have enough possibilities in Pattaya: Fitness centers, Bowling, Bungy Jumping, Go Kart, Golf, Jogging, Horse riding, shooting, sailing, windsurfing, diving, water skiing, tennis or simply going for a walk, everything is possible. Do not hesitate to ask us, we are assisting and helping yo

Street markets

Beach Road: The street side of the Beach Road is a pure shopping mile, you will find here all bits and pieces and odds and ends.
Chaimongkon Market: Another street market, however for the needs of the natives, is located at the South Pattaya Road.
Photisan Market: At the Soi Photisan (Naklua Road, Soi 23), if you come from the Naklua Road, there is a big market on your right side which will satisfy all your needs!
Naklua Market: If the market on Soi Photisan is too small for you or if you are fond of sea food, you can find everything a size larger at the Naklua Market (also known as Banglamung Market, near the Dolphin circle).  


In Thailand it is not usual to tip. However in the tourist centers it has become practice to give a tip. For a chamber maid about 50 to 100 Baht per week, in restaurants the invoiced amount is being rounded up 10 percent if one is happy with the offering. But the amount of the tip it is at everyone's discretion.

Time difference

Five hours in the summertime and six in the wintertime.

Travel health and accident insurance

We recommend you to take out a travel health insurance or check out with your health and accident insurance if you are sufficiently covered in Thailand. Here in Pattaya there are first-class hospitals (e.g. The Bangkok Hospital Pattaya) with translators in several languages as well as excellent and inexpensive dental clinics (see directory).


In our guest house in Pattaya City you can receive foreign programs including the German Wave. In individual German, Austrian and Swiss restaurants you may also see recordings or live transmissions of certain German TV programs.


In cities like Bangkok or Pattaya you don't have to get vaccinated but it is recommended you see a doctor before you are leaving for Thailand.

Value added tax (VAT)

The VAT is of 7 percent in Thailand and you can get a refund when leaving the country if the following conditions are fulfilled: you have to have spent at least 2'000 Baht per shop and prove that you have spent over 5'000 Baht in total. The refunding of the VAT may be done at all airports with international air traffic.


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