Tips and points of interest for our guests at the Guesthouse Pattaya-City

Admiral Chumpon Statue

The viewpoint on the Buddha mountain gives one of the most beautiful views over Pattaya. On the front side of the mountain there is a temple, behind it you get to a platform where you can have a breathtaking sight on Pattaya and the bay.

Monkey rock – Bang Saen – Orchid farm

After half an hour driving you arrive in Bang Saen. The market there is known for its sweet specialities. The further trip leads to the Aquarium Bang Saen and from there to the monkey rock where you can feed the cute animals. On your way back you can see a pineapple plantation and an orchid farm.


Another point of attraction is Alangkarn with its shopping center for traditional Thai products. The first and most fashionable theatre with a stage of 70 meters offers among others:

    * volcanic eruption with 70 meter flame height
    * fire spitting dragons
    * great historic elephant slaughtering
    * procession of the kings
    * etc.

Ambassador City

The Ambassador possibly is the biggest hotel of the world with nearly 6'000 rooms  
(NaJomtien), directly on the beach. A small town with all conveniences you can think of and several possibilities of shopping, sports and bathing.


The Ocean Marina Aquarium is located on Sukhumvit Road on the way to Sattahip and shows all sorts of fish and undersea plants.

Big Buddha Image

Very close to the temple site Wat Yan you can admire the world's biggest Buddha Image (165 meter high). A big park is surrounding the mountain beneath a state-of-the-art site for reforestation.

City Hall

Since the allowance of the city rights to Pattaya over 25 years ago, everything is being decided in this complex. You can also visit the Pattaya City Hall.

Coral islands

Special trips with visitation of the undersea world with glass floor boats. Only 45 minutes from Pattaya with the official boats of South Pattaya you can reach the small island group with the amazing fine sand beaches.

Crystal Factory

The firm Lotus Crystal manufactures mouth blown crystal objects of all sorts as well as engravings – about 50'000 single parts per month. An interesting exhibition hall shows what is being produced here.

Dusit Resort

This 5 star hotel resort is worth a visit: huge exotic tropical garden site connected with the lobby and one of the most amazing panoramic views over the Golf of Pattaya.

Elephant Village

The elephant village is situated about 7 km out of Pattaya. Actually 30 elephants are living there. Their life here is like in the wilderness and it is worth visiting this site with  these wonderful animals.

Flight sports

A few kilometres in the southern outback of Pattaya near a lake there is a small airport for hang gliders and light aircrafts. Round flights over Pattaya and outskirts can be done there.

Horseshoe Point

The Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club is one of the most beautiful and biggest riding parks for horse and nature lovers, a unique world with horses. You can book riding lessons of all kinds. In the big riding ring there are regularly riding shows, dressage riing and classic dance performances of the Lipizzaner horses.  

Kao Kaew Open Zoo

About 50 minutes away from Pattaya on the way to Sri Racha there is this big nature park, one of the biggest open zoos of Thailand. With a little train you can drive around the zoo and admire the animals and the magnificent nature. Several shows are part of the program.

Koh Larn

A change to the beaches around Pattaya is a trip (about 1 hour) to the island Larn which is part of an island group in front of the coast of Pattaya. White sand, terrific surroundings and clear water are inviting for a bath. Daily trips (6 x) are being offered from Bali Hai Pier.

Koh Pai

The trip to this inhabited island with white beaches and clear water is offered by travel agents with a comfortable yacht and lasts about two hours, where you can enjoy wind, waves and the sun.

Kho Samet

Officially a national park and favorite destination: fair beaches, a lot of bays and clear water. About two hours driving with the car from Pattaya and for the crossing you have to count another 40 minutes.

Koh Chang

Also an officially national park and a great destination with clean beaches and clear water. About five hours driving with the car from Pattaya and for the crossing you have to count annother 20 minutes.

Mini Siam

Here you can see Thailand in the miniature formate (on Sukhumvit Road on the way to Sattahip on the left side). You can see the most beautiful and meaningful constructions and temples of the country in a garden site.

Monkey Training Center

Trained monkeys are showing their amazing skills. Daily shows and additionally cobra shows, cock fights, blind boxing and the incredible abilities of the swimming Buddhist nun...

Museum in Sattahip

A museum site made of four premises lays in a wonderful garden. Here the geologic development around Sattahip and Pattaya is being shown.

Million Year Stone Park

Only a quarter of an hour away from Pattaya you can see here all sorts of flora and fauna, million year old trees, rare plants and flowers, 200 year old Bonsai trees and exotic animals in a huge, tropical garden.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and Resort

A park site never seen before! About 18 km away from Pattaya on the way to Sattahip you can stay there for hours: a huge, wonderfully arranged garden site with bridges, elephant shows, elephant riding, mini-zoo, botanical garden, shops, restaurants as well as an impressive race car exhibition which belongs to the owner of Nong Nooch.

Pattaya Park

The Pattaya park is situated directly near the sea. It has got a 175 meter high panoramic tower with a turning restaurant. The park offers a unique bathing landscape, big water slides, whirlpools. From the panoramic tower you can choose your way back either with the conventional elevator or with the steel cable elevator fixed on the outside.

Ripley Museum

Unique museum „believe it or not“ in the Royal Garden Plaza shopping centre between Beach Road and Second Road.

Royal Cliff Beach Resort

The hotel that has been praised in all media as the most beautiful and best beach hotel of the world is worth a visitation. Built on a protruding rock on the hill, you have a breathtaking view over the turquoise water in the Royal Cliff Bay. This tropical paradise is no secret: kings, statesmen and businessmen from all over the world have already been here.

Saithip Butterfly Garden

An idyllic enclosure with exotic and unique butterflies. At km 10 on Highway 36.


There is a big number of suppliers in Pattaya who are offering sea-angling at every quality level and every price.

Snake farm & Show

An attraction is the show of the many poisoned snakes of all sorts, among which also the royal cobra.

The Sanctuary of the Truth

The Sanctuary of the Truth is a profane memorial and is located at the end of Soi 12 of Naklua Road. The construction looks like a giant temple site on an area of over two square kilometres. The construction is 105 meter high and 100 long, made of wood only and based on the old traditional Thai way of building.

Three Kingdoms Park

The magnificent monument and private museum shows Thai and Chinese culture.

Tiger Zoo Sriracha

One of the largest tiger zoos of the world with big shows in a natural park, about half an hour away from Pattaya. Additionally there are crocodile and elephant shows as well as a pig swimming contest and the queen of the scorpions is presenting herself with hundreds of scorpions on her body.

Transvestite shows

The popular cabaret shows in the Tiffany and the Alcazar have made themselves a
name among the public in the last decades. Under the motto „man or woman – you will never know“ you can dance here every evening to music, and sing and have fun.

Wanasin Farm

Here you can find a Thai house museum, a swimming market and a typical Thai farm. Thai folkloric dances and games are being shown and a good restaurant is providing food and drinks.

Wat Chaimongkon and Wat Phra Tamnak

The temple site Wat Chaimongkon, located on South Pattaya Road across the sports ground and the market with the same name is the most significant temple in Pattaya, along with the Wat Phra Tamnak on the Buddha Hill.

Wat Yan Temple

Only about 12 kilometres away from Pattaya there is the big temple site Wat
Yansangwarararam, which is also used as a Buddhist meditation centre. Built around a lake, it accommodates a large number of different temples, constructions, monuments, parks, a mountain temple and the monk houses. Some of the astonishing buildings have been donated by different Asian countries such as Burma, India, Japan, Cambodia, Korea, Laos, and Singapore.


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